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Tommy Shaw- The Great DivideTommy Shaw - The Great Divide CD
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to preorder the upcoming Tommy Shaw album The Great Divide.

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to order the newly released gold disc of The Grand Illusion.

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to order Caught In The Act (Live) on DVD which has all of the Styx videos as well.

Click here to order the US version of Dennis DeYoung's new album One Hundred Years From Now on CD and here for the MP3 download.

Click here to order the Blu-Ray versino of One With Everything.

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Visit our new Roboto Center. Welcome to, a site dedicated to serving all Styx fans, die-hard and casual alike. From discographies to rare items, they're all here.

New 2009 Dennis DeYoung Exclusive Interview
New to is an exclusive 2009 interview with Dennis DeYoung where he talks about Styx, his solo career, and everything but the kitchen sink! Click here to read it.
VH-1 and
Styx was featured in one of the most popular episodes of the VH-1 Emmy nominated series Behind The Music. You may still be able to catch the episode occasionally if it is re-aired. The first airing was 11 AM (Eastern) on Sunday, August 13, 2000.

BTM contacted both Allan and former co-webmaster Troy Yarbrough, who both contributed items to the effort. We'll let you know which ones they use, but it was a great honor to be asked by them to participate. The show was excellent, with all members speaking candidly about the DeYoung-Styx break-up.

Most recently, VH-1 contacted to help out with the show True Spin for a segment on "Mr. Roboto". Allan was even interviewed on camera, and it will premiere in January, 2004.
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Information About the Upcoming Tommy Shaw Great Divide Album and Live Dates

Allan has some items he is looking to sell. Click here for a list.
Are you looking to sell or trade rare Styx or Solo items? Be sure to check the Want List section to see what Allan is looking for.

Roboto Store Display from 1983 This section contains everything you would ever want to know about the Mr. Roboto costumes used in the Kilroy was Here video production. Mr. Roboto is still an enduring icon nearly 20 years later. Come and see three of the remaining masks in existence. Domo Arigato indeed!

Featured Rare Item

Styx Promo Binoculars
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This is the rare and very hard to find promo only single for "I Am The Walrus". It is pressed on a printable CD-R, and has been given out only to select stations and not mass produced. The single is not on any record label and has no catalog number. Value: $75