Sites of Interest
Updated 01/28/2003
Styx World The New Official Styx Homepage. Great photos, notes from Tommy Shaw.
StyxNet Paul Holt's fabulous site features rare sound clips and is the home of the Official Styx FAQ.
Dennis DeYoung Official Site for Dennis DeYoung.
Crystal Ball Kim Ouellette's Official Tommy Shaw Site. Some is in French-features exclusive letters from Tommy Shaw.
MS Funk This is the official page for Tommy's original band. For those of you wanting to know more about Tommy's early years ... here ya go! It's got some good pics (including the 2001 reunion). Looks like more things are being added all the time. Worth a visit.
Burtnikville Paul Holt's Official Glen Burtnik Site.
Todd Sucherman Todd's official site which has news, a section to ask him questions, some exclusive video clips, pictures, and more.
Gowan Official website for the newest member of Styx. Full of information on this great Canadian solo artist.
Waterdog Music James Young and Tommy Shaw both have pages here. Many solo CDs available here!

Styx Fix John Lee's Styx collecting site features many items from his collection and a buy/sell/trade area. Nicely done!
Styx Club (Netherlands) Berry has a new club dedicated to Styx collecting, especially vinyl. A wealth of rare pictures sleeves here.
Styx - Return To Paradise Andre's discography including rare 7" and CD singles, pictures, chart info from U.S. and The Nederlands, band info, and links.
Come Sail Away Michel Desjardins has a huge collection of live Styx audio and his new Canadian site is in both English and French. Features info on many tours and much more!
Pick Up Styx Tim Burleson shares his collection, wantlist, and trade list here. Tim is a big Styx collector and a great guy to trade with.
Styxophrenic's Website Peter Gossett's Styx tribute page has a wealth of information on the band and its members.

The Grand Illusion This awesome site is devoted primarily to this classic Styx album. Beautifully done site.
Brave New World This is the headquarters to help Styx promote their new studio album.
Elysian Fields Phil has a great Styx page featuring bios, photos, midi files, waves, etc. Phil lives in England-it is always great to see Styx sites around the world!
Cornerstone Ken Truesdale's awesome Styx site features discography, news plus much more.
Unofficial Styx Lyrics Archive Todd Fouts has provided the lyrics to EVERY Styx and Solo tune here! Great Site!
Equal Time For Dennis Concern Balin has a very nice website devoted to Dennis DeYoung here. Articles, Pictures, Sound Files, etc..
Micky Jorgensen's new Styx site features photos and a charity Styx Auction!
Paradise Theatre Kristi Wachter's site. Features nice TW4 Photos! This was one of the very first Styx fan sites on the Net.
Paradise Kathy Tice's site has some nice Photos! If you would like to request a Styx song she has also compiled a Styx radio station listing!
Styx Espirit de Corps is a site devoted to this unofficial Styx fan club. Great photos and a bulletin board here as well!
The Styx Wishlist provides a free resource for Styx fans to list the collectibles they are searching for.
Ellen's Home Page Ellen has compiled a list of songs which Tommy Shaw has written for other artists!
Rhonda's Glen Burtnik Site Rhonda gives us everything we want to know and more about New Jersey wonderboy Glen Burtnik.

CMC International Styx's new label. Bio and Sound Clips found here.
A&M Records Bio, info on Styx.

Merit Adventures is a great place for rock memorabilia and autographs. Rick is fantastic to deal with -- a really great guy.
eBay has many nice items for auction.
Waterdog Music James Young and Tommy Shaw both have pages here. Many solo CDs available here!
Amazon is another great place to find the disc you are looking for!

Please note that many of the following mailing lists can fill up your mailbox pretty quickly. We subscribe to most of these and you can expect 20-50 messages each day if you belong to all of these lists.
The Main Event Great Styx newsletter (snail mail) by Andie Denny.
Styx Mailing List The original Styx Mailing List.
Styx Collecting Johnnie J. Young's Styx Collecting Yahoo Group & Mailing List.
Chuck Panozzo A Chuck Panozzo Yahoo Group & Mailing List.
Dennis DeYoung A Dennis DeYoung Yahoo Group & Mailing List.
Glen Burtnik A Glen Burtnik Yahoo Group & Mailing List.
James Young A James "J.Y." Young Yahoo Group & Mailing List.
Lawrence Gowan A Lawrence Gowan Yahoo Group & Mailing List.
Todd Sucherman A Todd Sucherman Yahoo Group & Mailing List.
Tommy Shaw A Tommy Shaw Yahoo Group & Mailing List.
DamnYankees A Damn Yankees Yahoo Group & Mailing List.

Retro Rewind News, Interviews, and Real Audio from many popular artists. Dennis DeYoung has a 1999 interview here.
World Of Genesis While not a Styx collecting site, this site is its equivalent in the Genesis (and related artists) world, and run by a good friend.