Exclusive Interviews and Articles

Dennis DeYoung
1996 Interview - Allan Hirt's first interview with Dennis, and the source of the Keyboard article right below.
1996 Keyboard Magazine Road Report - Published nationally, and contains info about Dennis' equipment from the tour (got it from his keyboard tech).

1999 Interview - Allan Hirt gets one of the first candid interviews where Dennis speaks out about the Styx situation. This interview brought on a lot of debate and controversy. Done in support of The Ultimate Collection. Check it out and see what the fuss was all about.

2009 Interview - After numerous tries, it finally happened! One of the most comprehensive interviews with Dennis to date about Styx and his solo career.

Tommy Shaw
1992 Justice Article - Allan Hirt interviews Tommy about Don't Tread. Interesting given the current state of affairs. Full interview is the next link.
1992 Interview - Full uncensored and unedited version of the 1992 Justice interview. Some really embarassing moments for Allan, but it was also one of his very first interviews.
1993 Interview - This is the full interview which Sterling Whitaker did in 1993 to use for his book The Grand Delusion. Sterling has graciously allowed StyxCollector.com to publish it.

James Young
2003 Interview - Allan Hirt interviews JY in an exclusive interview for StyxCollector.com.

Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering & DVD - Allan Hirt interviews the mastering engineer of quite a few Styx releases!