Q: Where can I find the Roboto movie? Where can I find the Caught In The Act Live video?
A: The "Roboto Movie" was a 20 or so minute conceptual piece that can be found prior to the start of the concert portion on the CITA video.  All versions of CITA on video (Betamax, VHS, Laserdisc) are all currently out of print, but check on eBay - there may be a copy up there!

Q: Where do you guys find out information on Styx collectibles?
A: Each of us has our own individual approach, but over the many years of us collecting, there are numerous places from all over the world, and in all forms of media - web sites, inside information, magazines, etc.  

Unless noted, each item listed here is owned by one or all of us.

Q: I really want to meet the band and get their autograph. Can you help me get passes?
A: While we are, we have no official ties to the band itself.  We're just regular people like you - we're fans.  Our advice would be to have some patience, a little persistence, and you never know what may happen if you wait around after a show is over  While Styx as a band historically has always been gracious to fans, don't abuse it.  Be polite, and remember: these guys don't owe you anything.

Q: I want to sell some items or my whole collection.  Will you buy it from me?
A: We will always look at what you are selling, but chances are we may have what you are trying to sell. If you'd like to know what we are looking to byu, click here to see our wantlists.

Q: I'd like to have an item appraised.   Can you tell me its value?
A:  Sure.  But before you email us, check the Styxabase.  Chances are the item you are looking to value is in there.

Q: I have an item that isn't listed in either Johnnie's Styx Discography 2.0 or the Styxabase.  Can I add it?
A: Not yet, but soon we will be accepting submissions.

Q: Why does the Styxabase and the Styx Discography 2.0 have different items, making them not in sync?
A: The initial version Styxabase is made up largely of Allan's old website (The Collector's Guide to ....) and Troy's old website (Troy's Styx Museum).  Eventually all items from those two sites will be here, as well as the rest of our collections.  Johnnie's discography has been a work in progress for the past five or so years, and is a work in and of itself.  Eventually all items from that will be in the Styxabase as well, and everything will be searchable.