StyxWorld Tour (May, 2001 - ?)

From May or June on, it was really the StyxWorld tour in promotion of the new CD released in June, 2001. The first leg was a package tour with Joe Stark, Billy Squier, Bad Company, and Styx. That lasted through part of July, 2001.

The band is:
Glen Burtnik - vocals, bass, guitar (when Chuck played bass)
Lawrence Gowan - vocals, keyboard (no gtr as far as I know on this leg)
Tommy Shaw - vocals, guitar
Todd Sucherman - drums, percussion
James Young - vocals, keyboard, guitar

and on certain occasions:
Chuck Panozzo - bass (although I think he hit nearly every date of the package tour, but wasn't at the Foxwoods show I saw)

Below is the set list from the Foxwoods show, where it was an "Evening With Styx" show. I also saw them in Boston, and I don't remember any differences in the setlist except maybe "Snowblind" being added to the Foxwoods show. Notice that some of the occasional stuff like "LITR" and "Sing" became everyday tunes in the setlist. There is no song from Brave New World played, which is surprising. I would have thought that at least "Everything is Cool" would have stayed. The full 2hr + "Evening" shows seem to be a thing of the past.

1. Borrowed Time (with the snippets of other songs - "Mr. Roboto", "Pieces of Eight", "Rockin' The Paradise"; lead vocals traded between JY and TS)
2. Blue Collar Man
3. Grand Illusion
4. Lorelei (sung by JY)
5. Gowan Piano Solo
6. Lady
7. Sing For The Day
8. Lights
9. Love Is The Ritual (they throw in a quick bit of "Helter Skelter" in here)
10. A Criminal Mind
11. Crystal Ball
12. Fooling Yourself
13. Snowblind
14. Miss America
15. Too Much Time On My Hands
16. Come Sail Away
17. Renegade (the sole encore; They did a few seconds of the Red Hot Chili Peppers song "Give it Away" and also a bit of "White Room" in here.)
18. Brave New Word (Reprise) (from tape as they were taking their bows)