Archived Styx News

4-22-05 Big Bang Theory Review Posted
Click here for the exclusive review of the new Styx CD, Big Bang Theory

4-22-05 Shaw Blades Influence Tracklisting
According to the offical Shaw Blades message board, this is the final tracklisting for the new Shaw Blades CD:
1. TIME OF THE SEASON - The Zombies
2. I AM A ROCK - Simon & Garfunkel
3. YOUR MOVE - Yes
4. FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH - Buffalo Springfield
5. LUCKY MAN - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer
6. DIRTY WORK - Steely Dan
7. CAROUSEL - The Hollies
8. SOUNDS OF SILENCE - Simon & Garfunkel
9. CALIFORNIA DREAMIN - The Mommas and The Papas
10. SUMMER BREEZE - Seals and Crofts
11. DANCE WITH ME - Orleans
12. NO MATTER WHAT - Badfinger
13. MAKE IT WITH YOU - Bread

Certainly some interesting selections here. "No Matter What" looks to be a standout.

1-20-05 More Information About The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings
Click here for the press release for the upcoming release The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings. It contains a complete track list, as well as an approximation of the cover.

The release will be on Hip-O/UME with a catalog number of B0003922-02.

1-19-05 Styx To Tour Europe Summer, 2005
Styx will be hitting Europe this upcoming summertime for their first extended European tour since the 1981 Paradise Theater tour. They did play a few dates a few years back in Germany and Switzerland, but that was not a multi-country, full-scale tour.

Here are some dates as they are known:
6-7-05 Berlin, Germany (Columbiahalle)
6-8-05 Hamburg, Germany (Stadtpark Freilichtbuhne)
6-9/11-05 Sweden Rock Festival
6-13-05 Nottingham, UK (Rock City)
6-15-05 Glasgow, UK (SECC Arena)
6-16-05 Birmingham, UK (Symphony Hall)
6-17-05 Manchester, UK (Carling Apollo Manchester)
6-18-05 London, UK (Carling Apollo Hammersmith)
6-19-05 Bristol, UK (Colston Hall)
6-23-05 Frankfurt, Germany (Jahrhunderthalle - with Kansas)
6-24-05 Bonn, Germany (Museumplatz - with Kansas)
6-25-05 Stuttgart, Germany (Killesberg - with Kansas)
6-26-05 Munich, Germany (Tollwood Festival)
6-27-05 Pratteln, Switzerland (Z7)
6-28-05 Milan, Italy (Discoteca Alcatraz)

1-19-05 Album of Covers Coming In Spring on New Door/UME
As has been reported elsewhere, Styx is currently recording an album of cover songs which will include "I Am The Walrus" (the Beatles), "I Don't Need No Doctor", "Locomotive Breath" (Jethro Tull), and "Wishing Well". What has not been noted is that this will be released on New Door/UME, so Styx is back home where it appears their majority of their catalog (sans the CMC albums) resides.

According to their manager Charlie Brusco, the tracklist is not finalized at this time, and it will be released sometime between the end of March and the middle of May.

1-19-05 The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings 2 CD Set Coming 2-15-05
Styx's first four albums will be collected on a new retrospective titled The Complete Wooden Nickel Recordings, to be released February 15th. Named after the group's original label, the two-CD set collects 1972's self-titled debut, 1973's Styx II and The Serpent Is Rising, and 1974's Man Of Miracles. In addition to the 34 original tracks from those albums, the box set includes the bonus cut "Unfinished Song" from the Styx II sessions. is excited about this release, as it will see "Unfinished Song" for the first time on CD, but it remains to be seen if "Lies" will make it, since it replaced "Best Thing", and itself was replaced by "Unfinished Song" for 1980's reissue Miracles.

Judging by the quality of the remastering on Come Sail Away: The Styx Anthology and the interview with Bob Ludwig, the tapes are in good condition. It will be interesting to see if the sound quality bests the Japanese K2 editions from a few years ago (all except Styx I, which was announced but never released).

What also appears to be interesting is that this release is currently lists at $19.98 (tres cheap!), and can be had for preorder lower than that. According to CD Universe, it is being released on Universal. If this is the case, it would be a first since RCA (then BMG, now BMG/Sony) has always owned the tapes, and all of the Styx catalog would now be under one house.

This could also mean that the floodgates are finally open and the A&M catalog will also be properly remastered, but that remains to be seen.

Stay tuned ...

UPDATE: This is on Universal, and we hope to have it here soon to give a review!

8-27-2004 Cyclorama To Be Released as a DualDisc
On November 2, 2004, the last Styx studio effort, which saw a DVD Audio release in May, is going to be released in the DualDisc format according to High Fidelity Review.  A DualDisc is a double sided disc that contains CD content on one side, and the other can contain video, DVD Audio, etc. They were initially test marketed in February and March of 2004 in Boston and Seattle with a limited number of titles. Click here for more information.

One can assume that the flip side of Cyclorama will be the DVD Audio.

7-29-2004 Dennis DeYoung Updates
From last night's Rockline:
* The upcoming symphonic shows may have some new songs added into the mix: "Pieces of Eight" (this seemed to be a definite), "I'm OK", and "Queen of Spades"
* Dennis has a new record deal with Rounder Records (who is distributed by Universal, parent company of Dennis' other works at MCA and A&M), and coming out sometime in the next few months is a wide release of the symphonic 2 CD set - stay tuned here for a release date
* DDY is writing for a full, all-new studio album that will also be out on Rounder
* Live in-studio on solo piano, Dennis played a small bits of "Lady Madonna", "Pieces of Eight", "Castle Walls", "Hello God", and in a quasi-medley:"Lady", "Grand Illusion", "Mr. Roboto", "Don't Let It End", "Desert Moon", "Babe", "The Best of Times", and "Come Sail Away" (and yes folks, despite him not doing it much on the tour, the man can still play.  And he was in good voice, too. Note to DDY: play more keys!)
* DDY almost produced some tracks for Barbara Streisand!
* Looks like DDY is thinking about possibly penning a book, however with the outcome of the lawsuit, should he do it, I wonder how much he could say. That is not in the works just yet ...

* Dennis will be doing more live dates in fall '04/winter '05; rumor has it places will be ones he has not done, like Boston
* Dennis has a bit part in a Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear movie coming out next summer called "The Perfect Man". Dennis plays - oddly enough - the lead singer in an 80s style Styx tribute band! Read more about it at the link above, but it's nice to see Dennis can poke fun at himself a bit. According to Rockline, the drummer is DDY's son Matt (who plays drums in a band called Mama Green), and the other guys are members of his current touring band.

5-5-2004 Cyclorama DVD Audio Delayed
After making the update below, found out that the release date for the Cyclorama DVD-A has been pushed back to June 1.

5-5-2004 Cyclorama DVD Audio Details
As noted here in an earlier update, the most recent Styx studio album, Cyclorama,is being released on May 18 in the USA on DVD-A. The DVD-A will contain:
* The full Cyclorama album in 5.1 surround sound
* Advanced Resolution DVD-Audio, Dolby Digital 5.1, and stereo options
* Bonus unreleased and behind-the-scenes video
* Lyrics and weblinks

It will be released through Silverline, and has a catalog number of 288234-9.

It is not noted, however, if the Advanced Resolution is 96/24 or 192/24 (my guess: 96/24), or if the stereo options are Dolby 2.0 as well as Advanced Resolution, or just one.

Look for an upcoming review here on!

3-25-2004 20th Century Masters - The Best of Styx DVD Information & Review; Come Sail Away: The Styx Anthology Review
Here's the skinny on the new video compilation DVD:
20th Century Masters - The Best of Styx
Catalog Number: B0002462-09
US Release Date: April 20, 2004

Track Listing
1. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
2. The Best of Times
3. Too Much Time On My Hands
4. Boat on the River
5. Mr. Roboto is lucky enough to have received an advance review copy of this DVD as well as a copy of Come Sail Away: The Styx Anthology. The reviews can be found here.

3-24-2004 Come Sail Away: The Styx Anthology Details
Here's the skinny on the new set:
Come Sail Away: The Styx Anthology
Catalog Number: B0002104-02
US Release Date: May 4, 2004


Disc One
Best Thing
You Need Love
Winner Take All
Rock & Roll Feeling
Light Up
Prelude 12
Suite Madame Blue
Crystal Ball
The Grand Illusion
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
Come Sail Away
Miss America
Man In The Wilderness "Previously Unreleased Full Length Version"

Disc Two
Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
Sing For The Day
Pieces of Eight
Borrowed Time
Boat On The River
A.D. 1928
Rockin' the Paradise
Too Much Time On My Hands
The Best of Times
Mr. Roboto
Love Is The Ritual
Show Me The Way
Dear John
One With Everything

Click here to see the full Adobe PDF sales sheet.

Look for a review on this site soon!

3-11-2004 VH-1 True Spin With "Mr. Roboto" Segment to Air 3/15, 16, 17
According to Rock On TV, the VH-1 show True Spin featuring a segment on "Mr. Roboto" will air 3/15 at 11:30 PM EST, 3/16 at 11 AM, and 3/17 at 1 PM. Your very own co-webmaster Allan was interviewed, and you may get to see him (although he still has no idea since he hasn't seen anything).

3-11-2004 Update on New Shaw/Blades Project, Styx Tour, Damn Yankees
According to a new interview with Jack Blades done for, there is some exciting news:
* The new Shaw/Blades (although it may not be called that) project should hopefully be in the can, but it is officially a covers album
* At the time Jack thought the new tour this summer would be Styx, Night Ranger, and Ted Nugent. According to Jack: "And in the middle of Ted's show, Tommy and I will come out and maybe play 5 or 6 Damn Yankees tunes." Styx is doing dates with Nelson and Peter Frampton, but one can hope the Styx/NR/Nugent show does happen at some point!

3-10-2004 Cyclorama To Be Released As a 5.1 DVD-Audio on May 18
As hinted at in the interview with James Young for, it appears that the latest Styx album Cyclorama will be released as a DVD Audio in May, 2004, according to this story at This was confirmed by Silverline themeselves, who gave the release date of May 18, 2004. For the hi-rez Styx fans out there, this is good news. More information on this release will be posted right here as soon as we have it ... stay tuned!

2-19-2004 Two New Styx Issues from Universal/A&M: Anthology and Caught In The Act Live
Universal/A&M will be releasing two new Styx items: what appears to be a 2 CD set entitled Anthology, which will most likely be another hits collection that will hopefully contain one or two rare tracks. This is probably the long awaited box set (in the industry, a 2 CD set is considered a box set). Also, it appears that finally Caught IN The Act Live will be released on DVD at the same time. We here at heard that May 4th was the release date, but according to this link, they are due out in Canada on April 27th. As soon as any more details on these releases are known, they will be posted here.

1-6-2004 Tommy Shaw To Be On Upcoming Tribute CDs to AC/DC and Kiss
According to a new note entitled "Tricks, Tracks, and a Duck's Quacks", Tommy will be appearing on an upcoming tribute to AC/DC singing "Downpayment Blues". He also sang "Love Gun" for an upcoming tribute CD for Kiss. Both are produced by Bob Kulick, who also produced the Pink Floyd tribute CD Tommy appeared on a few years back. No other information (such as release dates) is available at this time.

12-31-2003 Troy Is Selling His Styx Collection
Troy Yarbrough, one of the co-webmasters here at, has decided to sell his collection of Styx items. Why? Read about it here in Troy's Corner.

We here at are sad to see this, but completely understand. Although Troy will not be as active with the site as he was in the past, like Chuck & Styx, he'll make guest appearances once in awhile. Just because he is selling his collection does not make him less of an expert on collecting Styx - especially on vinyl.

To see Troy's list of items, go to:

This will be updated as Troy finds more items.

12-29-2003 More Info On The New Shaw/Blades CD and Styx Tour News
According to's Dec. 29 update, it confirms (through an interview with Jack Blades) the news posted here on 12/24 that there will be a new Shaw/Blades CD in 2004. It will apparently be an album of classic cover tunes from the '70s, and it will not necessarily be in the vein of their previous album.

Also, notes that the summer Styx tour may also have Night Ranger and Ted Nugent, with a possibly Damn Yankees set during Ted's. This is not confirmed, but good news for DY fans.

12-24-2003 Helps VH-1's True Spin
A few weeks ago, was contacted by VH-1 to assist with an upcoming segment that will air in January, 2004, on "Mr. Roboto".'s own Allan Hirt was even interviewed, and if they use any of his comments, look for a familiar object in the background!

12-24-2003 New Shaw/Blades or Damn Yankees Album?
Despite JY saying this was not the time to do solo projects in the interview with Allan exclusively done for, according to the December 22 update to the "Ask JDK a ?" section of John Kalodner's offical website, a new Shaw/Blades album appears to be set. JDK also comments on the aborted DY3 album. Here is the quote:
It's possible at some point there may be a new Damn Yankees album, and if so I would certainly sign them to Sanctuary. There was a third Damn Yankees album recorded when I signed them to Portrait Records; I didn't feel the record was good enough and reflective of how great the band is to release it. I consider it an A&R mistake on my part - these things do happen in an A&R person's career. I probably will do a Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw record for Sanctuary this winter, which will be out in the early summer.

12-24-2003 Listen to "Shine On"
Click here to listen to a snippet the "new" Tommy Shaw/Jack Blades collaboration that appears on Jack's new solo album due out soon, as noted in the last news note.

10-20-2003 Tommy Shaw on Jack Blades Solo Effort; More Damn Yankees 3 Tracks Surface
According to, the new Jack Blades solo album will feature yet another two songs from the failed Damn Yankees 3 album that was never released.The tracks are "Shine On" and "We Are The One". Tommy Shaw is apparently going to be a guest artist on the album, which is due in early 2004 on Frontiers Records and in Japan on King Records. For a complete track listing, go to the link to (it's in the October 17th update).

09-20-2003 Glen Burtnik Out, Ricky Phillips In
The rumors are true. Glen Burtnik is leaving Styx. As you may know, he has a solo album coming out in November entitled Welcome To Hollywood. According to the statement, as well as sources close to Glen who we here at know, it is an amicable split. There is no animosity. Glen, as you know, is also a family man, and spending the past 4 years on the road is a long time away. We here at wouldn't be surprised to see Glen working with Styx in some capacity in the future. He has been a vital part of the Styx efforts these past few years, and we're sure fans will always remember his showmanship, musicianship, and the fact he's a nice guy.

Ricky Phillips is his replacement as the new bass player of Styx. Ricky has some impressive credentials (Coverdale/Page, the Babys, etc.), so he is no slouch. Whether the fans will accept him, only time will tell.

See the official statement on the Styx site.

09-18-2003 21st Century Live Artwork
Here ya go ...
09-17-2003 New Styx CD/DVD Set 21st Century Live Due In October
Scheduled for release on October 7th (subject to change, of course), Styx is releasing a new combined CD and DVD set. Here is the tracklisting for each disc, and the location and year of the recording:
1. Rockin' the Paradise (Tokyo, 2000)
2. High Enough (Tokyo, 2000)
3. Lorelei (Tokyo, 2000)
4. Sing For The Day (Tokyo, 2000)
5. Boat On The River (Frankfurt, 2000)
6. Love Is The Ritual (Calgary,2000)
7. Snowblind (Tokyo, 2000)
8. Miss America (Tokyo, 2000)
9. Come Sail Away (Calgary, 2000)
10. Renegade (St. Louis, 2000)

1. Blue Collar Man (St. Louis, 2000)
2. Everything Is Cool (St. Louis, 2000) **
3. Brave New World (St. Louis, 2000)
4. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (Los Angeles, 2003) ***
5. A Criminal Mind (Pittsburgh, 2001) **
6. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) (St. Louis, 2000)
7. Heavy Water (St. Louis, 2000)
8. Too Much Time On My Hands (St. Louis, 2000)
9. These Are The Times (Detroit, 2003) **
10. Yes I Can (Studio, 2003) ***

** marks a first appearance live on video ("TATT" was released live on a promotional single, assuming from the same show)
*** marks a first appearance live in any format

A few notes: "Yes I Can" was shot in the studio ostensibly while they were recording, or for a one-off live pupose. "KYAG" and "These Are ..." are both from this year's touring. Although it is not known at this time, it looks like the St. Louis tracks are probably from Arch Allies. The CD appears to be a combo to some degree of Arch Allies/At the River's Edge along with Styxworld.

No price is listed yet, and artwork is coming shortly to this page!

09-17-2003 Styx on New Budget DVD Released By BMG

In their tradition of budget CD recordings in the Extended Versions series, BMG has released Extended Versions: The DVD Collection which has two Styx tracks: "Lady" and "Too Much Time on My Hands".

08-30-2003 New Styx Promo Single from Cyclorama

CMC/Sanctuary has just released the third promotional only single from Cyclorama to radio stations for the song "These Are the Times" with a catalog number of CMCDJ 87344-2. As many of It contains 3 versions of the song:

1. Radio Edit 4:57
2. Album Version 6:45
3. Live Version 5:46

Of particular interest to collectors is the live version of the song, which was recorded sometime in the past few months. The live version is a bit different from the studio in the middle section. This is the only known officially released live material from Cyclorama. The edit is not great, but also may appeal to collectors.

There is no front insert, and there is just text on the CD. The back insert is a picture insert.

Thanks to DJ Mike for help on this one!

08-19-2003 Dennis DeYoung Soundstage and 2 CD Live Set Update
On Saturday, August 16, Dennis DeYoung participated in the pledge drive for PBS station WTTW in Chicago. They premiered the DDY Soundstage episode. As part of the pledge drive, if you pledged the right amount of money, you would get either the upcoming 2 CD live set (with 3 new tracks) due soon, or the DVD of the Soundstage episode. It may even have the whole set (Soundstage only airs one hour).

Soundstage episodes are starting to appear on DVD, but only on order through WTTW. And from the person on the phone, it looks like the DDY will be an exclusive pledge offering for the foreseeable future. So the only way now to get the DVD is to pledge to WTTW. It may be sold, like the Tom Petty, separately at some point.

The pledge levels are $55 (2 CD set), $95 (DDY DVD, plus bonus Tom Petty Soundstage 2 DVD set), and $150 (CD and both DVDs). You do not need to live in Chicago to pledge to get the DVD or the CD; click here.

A note about the upcoming 2 CD set: it appears to be made up from multiple live shows (not a surprise as Dennis was taping most of the Chicagoland shows he's done for the past few years). The person at WTTW confirmed this when asked if what they were giving away was the Soundstage show on CD.

08-9-2003 WARNING: Talking In Code Bootleg On eBay
This is a warning to all folks who collect Styx: there is a seller on eBay, bbc_recordings, who is posting a ton of "original" Glen Talking in Code CDs. While the CD is a factory pressed CD, this guy is selling bootlegs. This is a severe disappointment, and do not get caught as someone here did purchasing one for crazy money. This is NOT the real deal. Since the original is rare and hard to find, under $40 for a factory pressed CD may not be bad in your eyes. Most won't pay $300 for a CD. So buyer beware.

Apparently some copies were real, so you may have lucked out. If you got the wrong one in the pile, you didn't. The seller is being nice about my copy and is supposed to be refunding my money. So far, so good. They don't seem like bad people, so if you are in the situation, do not be nasty. Looks like they possibly got duped as well, which is unfortunate.

For pictures on how to spot a bootleg, go here. To see a real copy (sans OBI and insert), go here.

07-21-2003 New Dennis DeYoung Double Live CD
Dennis DeYoung is currently producing and mixing his April 4, 2003 show at the Chicago Theatre, and other original material, onto a double-live CD to be released this fall.

07-13-2003 Styx in 5.1 and Box Set News
According to Allan's new interview with James Young, Styx fans can look forward to the box set, which may also have a video component, in 2004, and Cyclorama may be released in 5.1 as a DVD or DVD-A with a video component as well. This and other collector news can be found in the interview.

07-11-2003 Track Listing for Styx Rockers

Coming out in the next few months (tentatively late August) from Universal is the new compilation Styx Rockers. The preliminary track listing (subject to change, of course) is as follows:

1. Midnight Ride
2. Shooz
3. Crystal Ball
4. Miss America
5. Man in the Wilderness
6. Blue Collar Man
7. Renegade
8. Snowblind
9. Heavy Metal Poisoning
10. Love is the Ritual
11. Little Suzie

This will mark the first time some songs, including "Midnight Ride" and "Shooz" appear in remastered form.

07-11-2003 Check out Pre-Styx Tommy Shaw Song
On the official Tommy Shaw site, a pre-Styx Tommy Shaw clip is featured. It is an original, unreleased song from the band Harvest entitled "Goodbye Bright Lights". Click here to see information and to hear the clip.

07-11-2003 New Dennis DeYoung Song to Appear During 2003 MLB All Star Game
According to the Chicago Tribune, Dennis DeYoung has recorded a new song, "The Voice Above The Crowd", which is a tribute to the baseball announcers. It was mixed and taped in a six-hour session at Dennis' home recently. The song will air during the game on July 15, 2003.

07-11-2003 Dennis DeYoung Music Orderable Online
For those of you looking to get copies of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame or Suzanne's book "A Love Foretold" containing a CD with the exclusive Dennis DeYoung track with the same name, they can be found on

Get Hunchback here, and "A Love Foretold" here (contains a sound clip of the DDY song).

05-01-2003 Damn Yankees Don't Tread CD Re-released
On Tuesday, May 6th, Collectables Records will re-release the out of print Damn Yankees Don't Tread CD.

Click here to order the Damn Yankees CD Don't Tread.

04-21-2003 New Dennis DeYoung CD Single "A Love Foretold"
Dennis DeYoung has recorded and released a new song "A Love Foretold" -- his first new solo material since 1996. The song is available exclusively as a bonus CD Single when you purchase Suzanne DeYoung's new romance novel "A Love Foretold". Currently, you can only purchase the Novel/CD Single at Dennis' concerts or his Official Website.

Click here to order the Novel/CD Single "A Love Foretold".

03-31-2003 Styx announces New Tour with Journey and REO Speedwagon
Styx has announced its new summer tour with Journey and REO Speedwagon. The "Classic Rock's Main Event" tour will kick off in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 10, 2003.

Click here to read the "Classic Rock's Main Event" Official Press Release.
Click here to go to the Main Event Tour Information Page.

02-07-2003 "Babe" on VH-1 "100 Greatest Love Songs" List
"Babe" charts at Number 26 on VH-1's "100 Greatest Love Songs" list.

Click here for more information.

01-28-2003 Download the new Styx song "One With Everything"
You can now download an MP3 copy of the new Styx song "One With Everything" at the Official Styx Website.

Click here to download "One With Everything".

01-26-2003 Download the exclusive Styx "Queen Medley" MP3
You can now download an exclusive MP3 of Styx performing their "Queen Medley" from the Superbowl 2003 Pre-Game Show at the Official Styx Website.

Click here to download "Queen Medley".

01-06-2003 Download the new Styx song "These Are The Times"
You can now download an MP3 copy of the new Styx song "These Are The Times" at the Official Styx Website.f

Click here to download "These Are The Times".

01-02-2003 Download the new Styx single "Waiting For Our Time"
You can now download an MP3 copy of the new Styx single "Waiting For Our Time" at the Official Styx Website.

Click here to download "Waiting For Our Time".

12-20-2002 New Styx Cyclorama CD Announced
On February 18th, 2003, Sanctuary Records will release the new Styx studio album Cyclorama. The first single "Waiting For Our Time" will be released to radio on January 20th.

Cyclorama will be the first studio album released by the current Styx lineup consisting of Tommy Shaw, James "JY" Young, Glen Burtnik, Lawrence Gowan, Todd Sucherman & Chuck Panozzo. The album will also include guest musicians Jude Cole, Gary Loizzo, Tenacious D (Jack Black & Kyle Gass), Billy Bob Thornton, John Waite & Brian Wilson.

Here is the track listing for Cyclorama:

1. Do Things My Way
2. Waiting For Our Time
3. Fields Of The Brave
4. Bourgeois Pig
5. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
6. These Are The Times
7. Yes I Can
8. More Love For The Money
9. Together
10. Palm Of Your Hand
11. Captain America
12. Killing The Thing That You Love
13. One With Everything
14. Genki Des Ka

Click here to order the CD Cyclorama.

11-18-2002 Dennis DeYoung Official Website Relaunched
Dennis DeYoung has relaunched his Official Website featuring news, tour dates, etc. You can also once again order his self-released CD The Hunchback Of Notre Dame on the site.

Click here to go to the Official Dennis DeYoung Website.

10-11-2002 A Classic Rock Christmas CD Released
On October 8th, Sanctuary Records released the various artists CD A Classic Rock Christmas which contains new tracks by Styx and Shaw-Blades among others.

Here is the track listing for A Classic Rock Christmas:

1. All I Want - Styx
2. Christmas In Your Arms - Felix Cavaliere
3. I Believe In Santa Claus - REO Speedwagon
4. Everybody Loves Christmas - Eddie Money & Ronnie Spector
5. All I Want For Christmas - John Waite
6. I Believe In Father Christmas - Greg Lake
7. Christmas Is Here - Survivor
8. Santa's Lament - Father Guido Sarducci feat. Joe Walsh & Joe Vitale
9. Silent Night - Keith Emerson feat. The London Community Gospel Choir
10. Twelve Days Of Christmas - Shaw/Blades
11. Mary (The Return From Calvary) - Mark Farner

Click here to order the CD A Classic Rock Christmas.

07-04-2002 Dennis DeYoung Update
According to a source within the Dennis DeYoung camp, Dennis' official website may be back up very soon. Unfortunately, no other official word will come from the man himself because Dennis is only doing interviews for local papers where he is playing a show.

06-08-2002 New Styx-only version of Arch Allies Live CD
Scheduled for release on July 9th in the USA, Styx At The River's Edge - Live In St. Louis is a new Styx-only single CD version of the Arch Allies CD that removes the two Styx-REO Speedwagon jam tracks and adds Lorelei (Live) and Everything Is Cool (Live).

Here is the track listing for At The River's Edge - Live In St. Louis:

1. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) (Live)
2. Grand Illusion (Live)
3. Renegade (Live)
4. Lady (Live)
5. Lorelei (Live)
6. Too Much Time On My Hands (Live)
7. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) (Live)
8. Everything Is Cool (Live)
9. Brave New World (Live)
10. Edge Of The Century (Live)
11. Heavy Water (Live)

Click here to order the CD At The River's Edge - Live In St. Louis.

05-21-2002 New Styx & Related CDs Coming
There are a few new Styx releases coming in the next few months.

I. Due June 11th in the USA, Styx 20th Century Masters: The Millenium Collection is finally being released. This is a budget line hits package that is remastered specifically for this release. Click here for the press release. Here is the track listing:

1. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
2. Come Sail Away
3. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
4. Lorelei
5. Mademoiselle
6. Babe
7. Boat On The River
8. The Best Of Times
9. Too Much Time On My Hands
10. Mr. Roboto
11. Show Me The Way

Click here to order the CD 20th Century Masters: The Millenium Collection.

II. In Japan, a reissue of Styx Greatest Hits (the 1995 hits compilation) is due on June 21st. The catalog number is UICY-2520.

III. There is talk of Universal Music releasing a 2 CD Deluxe Edition for Grand Illusion later this year. If you have seen some of the other expanded editions that Universal has released, such as Marvin Gaye's What's Going On and the Who's Live at Leeds, you already know that there will be an expanded booklet as well as a wealth of additional audio material which may include live cuts, outtakes, demos, etc. The only thing I can think of the 2nd CD being is that A&M has a complete 1977 show "in the can" that would be a great period piece. Styx is pretty controlling when it comes to demos and b-sides being released, so I don't see that happening.

According to my contact at Universal, the GI reissue is only in the brainstorming stage, and it is to early to tell if it will happen for sure. It may not, so don't get your hopes up completely. But if they're considering it, let's hope they see fit to do it.

IV. Dennis DeYoung may have a new ballad included on a CD to be released with the publication of his wife Suzanne's new romance novel. Stay tuned for more details.

V. Styx is finally going to head into the studio this summer to begin recording their followup to Brave New World. No release date is scheduled.

03-26-2002 Styx Tribute CD Info
Here is the track listing for the upcoming Tribute To Styx on Deadline Records, due April 30, 2002.

1. Grand Illusion - Kelly Hanson of HURRICANE
2. Blue Collar Man - Alex Mitchell of CIRCUS OF POWER
3. Renegade - Marq Torien of BULLET BOYS
4. Best Of Times - Danny Wagner of WARRANT
5. Babe - Stevie Rochelle of TUFF
6. Mr. Roboto - Phil Lewis of L.A. GUNS
7. Come Sail Away - Chaz West of BONHAM
8. Lady - Spike of LONDON QUIREBOYS
9. Too Much Time On My Hands - Jizzy Pearl of LOVE / HATE
10. Foolin’ Yourself - Kelly Hanson of HURRICANE
11. Don’t Let It End - Ralph Saenz of ATOMIC PUNKS
12. Too Much Time On My Hands (Remix) - Odyssey

Click here to order the CD Tribute To Styx.

03-02-2002 New Dennis DeYoung Live Info
For those of you looking to catch Dennis live, there are two new dates in addition to the existing ones that you may know about. On August 23, 2002, Dennis will be doing a show at the Fraze Pavilion in Kettering, OH. Tickets go on sale March 9.

And for those of you that missed Dennis live with the orchestra, you'll have at least one more chance. I was told by someone close to Dennis he is doing a show in May, and I saw that there is a show scheduled for May 11, 2002 at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago, IL. My hunch is that this is the show. If you haven't seen Dennis with an orchestra, it's truly a great experience.

For ticket information, check out Ticketmaster.

02-17-2002 New Damn Yankees Compilation Due
According to, a new Damn Yankees greatest hits-style compilation entitled The Essentials - The Damn Yankees Collection is due out on Rhino Records in May or June (originally slated for April). The track listing includes:

High Enough
Coming Of Age
Where You Goin' Now
Don't Tread On Me
Come Again
Fifteen Minutes Of Fame
Mister Please
Bad Reputation
Damn Yankees
Silence Is Broken

So it's essentially the same collection as the cheapie High Enough and Other Hits released on Flashback (a division of Rhino) last year, plus the two tracks "Runaway" and "Silence Is Broken". Let's hope it sounds better, because the Flashback collection sounds like poo (original recordings, definitely not the original masters as it sounds like they added reverb and took any of the proverbial balls out of some of the music). It's nice to see some DY stuff being released; presumable this will probably put the first CD out of print, but who knows.

02-16-2002 Styx on Tour
Styx again has extensive tour plans for 2002. Check StyxWorld for the latest dates. Many of the dates feature Styx co-headlining with Arch Allies REO Speedwagon.

12-26-2001 Styx on Classic Rock's "The 100 Greatest Rock Albums Ever"
In the Christmas 2001 issue of the UK magazine Classic Rock, Styx weighed in at #85 for Pieces of Eight. Here's the accompanying text:
"Although following their previous album, The Grand Illusion, had seemed a dauntless task, Chicago's Styx achieved the feat with ease through Pieces Of Eight, a masterful collection of hard rock anthems like 'Great White Hope', and softer moments such as 'Queen Of Spades'. Rarely had pomp rock sounded so good."

'Queen Of Spades' soft? The title track, yes. 'Queen Of Spades', No. But hey, they made the list. Other notables:
Rush - 2112 (#91) and Moving Pictures (#39)
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (#40)
Queen - A Night At The Opera (#25, and surprisingly the only Queen album on the list)
Journey - Escape (#22)
Pink Floyd - The Wall (#24) and Dark Side Of The Moon (#2)

#1 was Led Zeppelin with IV. It certainly is an interesting list - they didn't seem to play complete favorites. Certainly, some of the albums you'd expect to be on the list are.

12-03-2001 New Styx Compilation Delayed
According to Universal (A&M's parent company), the new Styx compilation that was originally due out tomorrow (the "20th Century Masters: Millenium Collection" CD) "has been pushed back without a date" - a direct quote. This was originally supposed to be released in 2000, and was then rescheduled for December 4, 2001. As soon as I have any updated news, you'll hear it here first.

10-27-2001 Dennis DeYoung v James Young, et al. Settles Out Of Court
Apparently, the lawsuit brought by Dennis DeYoung has been settled out of court. This is the information as it is known from the court:
1:00-cv-06217 Deyoung-v-Young, et al

Docket Date: 10/23/01
MINUTE ORDER of 10/22/01 by Hon. David H. Coar: Pursuant to telephonic notice from the attorney for the plaintiff, the case is settled and the plaintiff's motion for leave to file corrected affidavit of Dennis DeYoung is withdrawn [35-1]. Status hearing set for 9:30 a.m. on 10/30/01. Mailed notice

Few details are known, but it appears that this chapter in Styx history is now finished. According to reports, the current lineup will retain the name Styx and can record, etc., and Dennis can perform as "Formerly of Styx" or "Performing the Music of Styx". What happened, it looks like, is that James Young, et al., made a motion for summary judgement sometime late this summer, and that sped things along. will bring you a full chronology and analysis of the trial as soon as all details are obtainable. Stay tuned!

10-02-2001 Volunteers for America
Styx, along with many other great rock bands, will appear in two upcoming benefit concerts called Volunteers for America. The proceeds from these shows will help victims and families of the recent terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. Tickets are now on sale at Ticketmaster. The shows are in Atlanta on October 20th and Dallas on October 21st. Other acts include Lynyrd Skynyrd, REO Speedwagon, Journey, Bad Company, and more! What a lineup! See the official website for more details.

09-14-2001 New Styx Compilation December 4th
According to the new release list from Universal Music Group, which is the parent company of A&M, they will be releasing the Styx Millenium Collection on December 4. The Millenium Collection is a series of budget-priced hits compliations with no rare tracks, but they are remastered (not the same as other releases). More details to follow when we have them.

09-09-2001 Ted Nugent Talks About Damn Yankees
Ted Nugent was interviewed by Classic Rock magazine in its September, 2001 issue. It is a very entertaining interview, and here is the paragraph from page 49 relating to Damn Yankees:

As regards to the still unreleased third album by the Damn Yankees, the band that also features Tommy Shaw of Styx, Night Ranger's Jack Blades, and current Skynyrd drummer Michael Cartellone, Nugent hopes it will eventually see the light of day but isn't too optimistic. "The production was horrible," he says. "We'd have to do some serious repairs. If they'd released it the way it was, I'd have to have killed somebody. It was so pussified ..."

Click here for a picture of DY from the photo sessions of the aborted third album.

A review of the Styx/Bad Company show from the PNC Bank Arts Center (6/30/2001) can also be found on page 105.

07-27-2001 Chuck Panozzo Comes Out As Gay
In news that broke today (see links below), Chuck Panozzo has officially come out and declared that he is gay. Unfortunately, Chuck has been HIV positive since 1990, started to seek treatment in 1997 after feeling seriously ill, and was diagnosed with advanced AIDS in 1999. He is still receiving treatment, and is in good health. He is in such good health that Chuck can currently be seen on tour with Styx, and will be a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign's National Coming Out day on October 11, 2001.
USA Today Article
Human Rights Campaign Press Release

07-21-2001 Dennis DeYoung's Desert Moon Reissued
Our good friend DJ Mike just posted this on the Yahoo club:

Desert Moon will indeed be remastered and re-released in CD format on September 18, 2001. Confirmation came today from Dennis himself, via our friend Dave Harris at RetroRewind.

The CD will have the original artwork from the album and CD produced in 1984.

Thanks to DJ Mike for this great news.

05-05-2001 Styxworld Tracklisting
According to and other sources, here are the tracks for the upcoming Styxworld CD:
"Snow Blind", "Rockin' The Paradise", "Crystal Ball;, "Miss America ", "High Enough ", "Boat on the River", "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough", "Love Is The Ritual", "Sing For The Day", "Half-Penny, Two-Penny", "Lorelei", and "Come Sail Away" (with Chuck P.), and "Criminal Mind."

Thanks to Ellen for the heads-up on "Criminal Mind".

04-21-2001 Trial Date Set For Styx Lawsuit
The lawsuit brought by Dennis DeYoung against Tommy Shaw, James Young, and Chuck Panozzo, which was filed on October 11, 2000, has been set for a jury trial on April 22, 2002. It was originally slated to be heard in January, but Shaw/Young/Panozzo were granted an extension.

04-21-2001 First Two Tommy Shaw Solo CDs to be Reissued Again
Although announced long ago, Spitfire Records has tentatively set a date of May 8, 2001, for the reissues of Girls With Guns and What If, which were reissued (but now out of print) in 1996 on Absolute. These were originally due out last fall.

04-21-2001 New Styx Live Rarities CD
Confirmed on in a note from Tommy Shaw, the band is finishing up mixing a CD called Styxworld of some of the "rare" tracks played on the tour that started in 1999 and ran through early this year. The songs are taken from three cities: Tokyo, Japan, Offenbach, Germany, and Edmonton, Canada.

The tracks tentatively include:
"Love Is The Ritual" (Canada), "Half Penny, Two Penny" (Canada), "Sing For The Day" (Canada), "A Criminal Mind" (Canada), "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" (Germany), "Boat on the River" (Germany), "High Enough" (Germany), "Snowblind" (Japan), and "Rockin' the Paradise" (Japan).

The rumor of new studio songs is just that: rumor. It is unlikely any new material will be on here.

Stay tuned for more info!

04-21-2001 Damn Yankees Update
According to, who recently chatted with Jack Blades, the Damn Yankees news is not good. As you may or may not know, the band completed an entire album, but as it turns out, they were not happy with the producer (Ron Nevison, ironically enough, who has worked extensively with the Yanks, and Tommy Shaw, as well as with Styx on Brave New World), the sound of the album, nor the final mix. It will most likely never, ever see the light of day :( (Jack said "Not if I can help it!") Further complicating matters is that the band's recording contract with Sony/Portait has a no re-recording clause, so any songs used for the now shelved album are not allowed to be re-rcorded by th eband for a new label or album. The songs can be covered by other artists, and that's what may happen. So make that two Damn Yankees projects that will never see the light of day (the last being the aborted album in the changing of the guard at Warner Brothers).

03-28-2001 Styx Tour 2001
CLEVELAND (March 28, 2001) - Styx and Bad Company today announced their 2001 North American concert tour at a press conference held at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. The 40-date tour is slated to kick off on May 10th in Cleveland at Blossom Music Center and will include stops in amphitheaters throughout the spring and summer. A portion of the ticket sale proceeds will benefit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the world's only museum dedicated to preserving the legacy of rock and roll. Styx's "Arch Allies" tour (with REO Speedwagon) was one of last year's top grossing tours, and with the addition of Bad Company and Billy Squier, this "rock & roll fantasy" promises to be one of the most highly anticipated tours this summer.

For concert dates and more tour info, visit

01-28-2001 Styx Plays The Superbowl
Styx played the pre-game show at the Superbowl in Tampa, FL. They played "Come Sail Away".

10-11-2000 From the Chicago Sun-Times

Ex-Styx Singer Throws Stones

October 11, 2000


For more than a year, the rock band Styx has been on the road without its co-founder, Dennis DeYoung. And he wants that to stop.

DeYoung went to court Tuesday in hopes of preventing the band from "damaging this beautiful thing that we created."

The group's former lead singer filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming misuse of the Styx trademark by former bandmates Tommy Shaw, James Young and Charles Panozzo.

"This is the most painful decision of my professional career," said DeYoung, who helped found the band 35 years ago in Chicago, wrote and sang most of the group's hits, including "Lady," "Come Sail Away," "Babe" and "The Best of Times."

DeYoung, who lives in the south suburbs, said a partnership contract renewed in 1990 by him, Shaw, Young, Panozzo and Panozzo's brother, John, required the agreement of all five on all matters concerning the band and the Styx trademark. John Panozzo died in 1996.

"Now they have taken the band's name and excluded me from the decision-making process," said DeYoung, whose vision brought Styx much of its success. "I have asked for a meeting since July of '98, and the response I've gotten is that there is no interest in talking."

DeYoung joined Styx on a successful reunion tour in 1997. When the band was planning to hit the road again in summer 1999, he asked to delay the tour because he was suffering side effects of chronic fatigue syndrome. The other members refused and went ahead without him.

DeYoung is seeking unspecified monetary damages, including a share of the profits from the tour and recovery of his costs and attorney's fees.

Shaw and Young, the only original members on the current Styx tour, were performing in Canada on Tuesday and had no comment. "No one within the Styx organization knows anything about a lawsuit filed by Dennis DeYoung," manager Charlie Brusco said.

Conflict between DeYoung and his bandmates is nothing new. Other Styx members disliked wearing flamboyant costumes and speaking in grandiose dialogue in the 1983 tour DeYoung spearheaded for the conceptual album "Kilroy Was Here." The band seldom played together for the rest of the decade.

In a new episode of "Behind the Music" receiving heavy play on VH1, Shaw and Young mock and ridicule some of DeYoung's musical concepts.

Concentrating on theatrical work in recent years, DeYoung recorded an album called "Ten on Broadway," and his stage musical "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" was produced at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

Young told the Chicago Sun-Times in June that the decision to tour was a case of "majority rules" egged on by a dislike for the musical direction that DeYoung preferred.

"The majority made a decision in 1999 to go on without Dennis--Tommy Shaw and myself and Chuck Panozzo, even though Chuck is on a leave of absence," he said. "Dennis' priorities have not been directed toward the band. The theater thing--he's just going off creatively in a dramatically different direction than what the band is about in my judgment, and he's going off in a very unilateral sort of way, where it's his way or the highway. We chose the highway."

DeYoung hopes to work things out with the band. His health has improved and he is touring with an orchestra, performing new versions of Styx songs. "I have said from the beginning that reconciliation is absolutely the way to go," he said. "I'm still hoping that there will be a happy ending to all this."

10-03-2000 Arch Allies DVD VHS Release

Look for Arch Allies on DVD and VHS beginning November 7th. The bands have recorded interviews and extra footage for the video version of the concert. The concert features both Styx and REO Speedwagon, as well as the bands paying together for a couple of tracks.

08-31-2000 New DeYoung Solo Tour
According to Amusement Business magazine, Dennis DeYoung, along with a 50 piece orchestra, will be performing live at Beacon Theatre in New York City on November 1st. He may also perform in Cincinnati and Columbus. For more tour info, check DennisDeYoung.Com.

Thanks to Ellen Kozisek for this info.

08-21-2000 Arch Allies Live At Riverport Track Listing
You can order Arch Allies Live at Riverport here from CDNow.

Here is a press release regarding the upcoming Styx/REO live CD set Arch Allies Live At Riverport:

This is the new release sheet for the live styx/reo album streeted for 9/26. Here are the songs that will be on the cd:

STYX: Blue Collar Man, Lorelei, Too Much Time On My Hands, Renegade,Lady, Fooling Yourself, Everything Is Cool, Edge of the Century,Brave New World, Heavy Water.

REO: Don't Let Him Go, Take It On The Run, Time For Me To Fly, Keep On Lovin You, Roll With The Changes, Music Man, Back On The Road Again, Ridin the Storm Out, 157 Riverside Avenue, Can't Fight this feeling.

This will be a 2 disc set.

Here are some of the promotional points listed on the sheet:
**A special one hour version of this concert will be aired on cable powerhouse MUSIC CHOICE the entire month of October....a MUSIC CHOICE ONSTAGE exclusive in over 27 million households.

**Over 250 promo spots, advertising the concert program and the NEW ALBUM, will run on CNN, VH1,MTV,TNN,TNT,Discovery, Nick, USA and A&E starting early September! Over 140 cable affiliates! Airing in 90% of the top DMA markets!

**Radio giveaways and TOUR SPONSORED PROMOTIONS through the rest of the fall 2000 tour.

**Internet awareness campaign along with internet promotions, contests, downloads and strategic web marketing

Special thanks to Steve (R.O.C.K.) L'Abbe for this info!

08-21-2000 Damn Yankees Third CD Release Delayed
It now appears that the long-awaited third release from the Damn Yankees will not be available until January 2001. The cd will feature Tommy Shaw, but it is unlikely that he will be involved in any future tour plans because of his Styx duties.

Thanks to the Styx Mailing list for this info.

08-08-2000 Styx To Be Featured On VH-1's Behind The Music
Styx is getting an episode of the Emmy nominated series Behind The Music. Click here for airtimes. contributed, and it promises to be a thorough and excellent history of the band with rare items and footage.

08-08-2000 New Styx/REO Speedwagon Live Album Due In September
It's been talked about for awhile, but it's finally coming ... tourmates Styx/REO Speedwagon Arch Allies Live At Riverport. It will be a 2 CD set containing 9 tracks by each artist, and two songs with both bands jamming together. It is due out on September 26 here in the USA. As soon as a tracklisting is available, it will be here. To see the cover, click here.

08-08-2000 Ambition Re-Release?
According to the SFK Newsletter, Spitfire Records is slated to release "classic reissues". By the artist list, which included Damn Yankees bandmate Ted Nugent, it looks like all of the late 80's metal/heavier rock albums released by Atlantic were bought by Spitfire. Stay tuned for details.

08-08-2000 New Damn Yankees Album Coming In September
Portrait Records is slated to release the third album from Tommy & the boys (title unknown at this time). It is due out in early September, and the Japanese issue (due out September 13), will have one bonus track. It will be here first! Look for it a week or two after it is released.

05-22-2000 Styx on Today Show

Styx and REO Speedwagon will be performing live on the Today Show on Friday, May 26th on NBC.

03-19-2000 DeYoung-Styx Split Apparently Final
According to a recent interview with a Montreal newspaper, the Dennis DeYoung-Styx separation could be permanent. Lawrence Gowan has already written new material for a future Styx studio project with Tommy Shaw. The band hopes to recapture the harder-edged sound of the late 70's Styx classics such as Pieces of Eight and Grand Illusion.

Styx has been touring without DeYoung since last Fall. Gowan was originally thought to be a temporary replacement for DeYoung, who had been suffering with a virus which made him sensitive to stage lights. DeYoung has publicly stated his objections to the ousting, and both sides have attorneys defending each sides' interests. DeYoung was one of the founding members of Styx who wrote and performed most of their biggest hits in the 70's and 80's.

03-01-2000 DeYoung Tour in Works
Following his sold-out solo concert in Chicago, Dennis DeYoung has added two more shows to his tour, with more dates in the works. Check the Grand Illusion Music website for tour updates and details.

11-22-1999 DeYoung Real Audio Interview
Dave Harris recently interviewed Dennis DeYoung for his Nashville radio program. This interview, which is about 30 minutes long, is now available on the Retro Rewind website in Real Audio. DeYoung is also the featured artist of the month there. The interview again sheds light on the current situation with the band from Dennis' point of view, and he also discusses his illness and recovery process. This is a very candid and informative interview.