Brave New World/Arch Allies and Beyond Tours (Summer, 1999 - Spring, 2001)

For the first time in years, Styx toured extensively between the summer of 1999 and the spring of 2001, encompassing both the Brave New World and Arch Allies CD releases. It also marked the first time that the band toured without Dennis DeYoung since he and the rest of the members of Styx had a very public falling out that has been well documented. The lineup for this tour is:

Glen Burtnik - vocals, bass, guitar
Lawrence Gowan - vocals, keyboard, guitar
Tommy Shaw - vocals, guitar
Todd Sucherman - drums, percussion
James Young - vocals, keyboard, guitar

and on certain occasions:
Chuck Panozzo - bass

This tour first started out with Styx doing solo shows of approximately 2 - 2.5 hours, appropriately entitled "An Evening With Styx". Then in the summer of 1999, they did a few shed shows with REO Speedwagon. That led to a full blown tour with REO in the summer of 2000, which resulted in the live Arch Allies CD. And the tour also brought them to Japan in February, 2000, for the first time since 1982, and to Germany and Switzerland in October, 2000, for the first time in nearly 20 years. The Arch tour finished in February 2001, and Styx had a lighter schedule through the spring of 2001.

The shorter shows (i.e. the double bill with REO) generally followed the core set plus or minus one ot two songs, with maybe a substitution here and there. Same goes for the "Evening" shows; the core was there, with maybe 1 - 3 substitutions or additions.

The core set of songs for both the shorter shows and "An Evening With Styx" was the following:
1. Everything Is Cool
2. Grand Illusion
3. Blue Collar Man
4. Lorelei
5. Lady (done with a slight piano solo)
6. Fooling Yourself
7. Brave New World
8. Edge Of The Century (with a bit of Mr. Roboto, which got longer as the tour went on)
9. Crystal Ball
10. Miss America (done two ways ... on earlier shows, it was like it was on Grand Illusion with the keyboard intro; later it was the "normal" live way with the drum intro)
11. Too Much Time On My Hands
12. Come Sail Away
13. Tush (the ZZ Top song; as an intro to ...)
14. Renegade
15. Heavy Water
16. King Chanticleer's Rag (Gowan piano solo thing)

The extended core set for "An Evening Of Styx" also included these songs (most were part of the "acoustic" set):
1. High Enough (acoustic, part of song only)
2. Sometimes Love Just Ain't ENough (
acoustic, part of song only)
3. Lights (
acoustic, part of song only)
4. The Best Of Times (
acoustic, part of song only)
5. Boat On The River (
acoustic, part of song only)
6. Rockin' The Paradise

1. Put Me On (intro before "Heavy Water" ... mid-late 2000)
2. Man In The Wilderness (done in some early "Evening" shows)
3. Babe (Japan and Germany - literally done in two shows only)
4. A Criminal Mind (done in a few shows; early tour was Gowan on piano only, in 10/2000 on it was done with full band)
5. Sing For The Day (October 2000 on, occasionally)
6. Love Is The Ritual (October 2000 on, occasionally)
7. Snowblind (done occasionally, moreso in 1999 and not much 2000 on)
8. Queen Of Spades (done in some early EOS shows in 1999)
9. I Will Be Your Witness (done through 1999 and 2000 then dropped)
10. Number One (done through 1999 and early 2000 then dropped)
11. Livin' La Vida Loca (Tommy did a small bit before the acoustic set on "Evening" shows in 1999/2000)
12. Kalifonication (one of the songs that replaced "Livin'")
13. Smooth (cover of the Santana/Rob Thomas song -
one of the songs that replaced "Livin'")
Kryptonite (Three Doors Down cover - one of the songs that replaced "Livin'")
15. Radar Love (done in the encore on a few occasions instead of "Tush" I would assume)
16. Half-Penny, Two Penny
(done occasionally from 1999 - 2001)
17. Sweet Home Alabama (done as part of the acoustic set in 1999 "Evening" shows)
18. Suite Madame Blue (done very sporadically)
19. Red Suited Man (Glen Burtnik Christmas Extravaganza show only, 12/2000)
20. All I Want For Christmas
(Glen Burtnik Christmas Extravaganza show only, 12/2000)
21. Ring The Bells
(Glen Burtnik Christmas Extravaganza show only, 12/2000)
22. A Christmas Carol
(Glen Burtnik Christmas Extravaganza show only, 12/2000)